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Andreas Schmitz schmitz at occamlabs.de
Tue Apr 23 17:44:21 EDT 2013

Richard Martell wrote:


> A new teamengine-console module has been added to teamengine. It 
> generates the binary CLI distribution that was previously created when 
> building the core module. The most significant change is the inclusion 
> of additional libraries required by TestNG-based suites.
> You can build it yourself from source (4.0-beta3-SNAPSHOT)
> <https://svn.code.sf.net/p/teamengine/code/trunk>
> Note: We always strive to keep the trunk green: "Thou shalt not 
> break the trunk!"

I like maven, and I like the team engine being mavenized. But I keep
wondering, it was as simple as linking the script you wanted executed
to the scripts directory to have it executed. Now I don't have any
clue as to what to do.

On a related note, I tried executing the WFS 2.0.0 scripts
locally. The README states I have to copy library files in order to do
that. Is that really the way to go? I'd have imagined maven makes
things like dependencies easier instead of harder. I'll have to give
it another try with the new version (a lot of the missing dependencies
seem to have been the ones from the spi module).

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