[CITE-Forum] Testing Locally

Richard Martell rmartell at galdosinc.com
Tue Apr 23 12:29:15 EDT 2013


A new teamengine-console module has been added to teamengine. It 
generates the binary CLI distribution that was previously created when 
building the core module. The most significant change is the inclusion 
of additional libraries required by TestNG-based suites.

You can build it yourself from source (4.0-beta3-SNAPSHOT)

Note: We always strive to keep the trunk green: "Thou shalt not 
break the trunk!"

Alternatively, fetch it from our FTP site (this week only):

You don't need to set TE_HOME if you just change to the appropriate 
/bin directory. But do set TE_BASE:

> set TE_BASE=/path/to/te-base      # or modify setenv script
> test -source=csw\2.0.2\src

The results should show up in TE_BASE/users/$USERNAME/s000N/.

None of the current CTL suites require any additional libraries AFAIK (a couple 
of the older ones do). If a suite does have other dependencies just drop them 
into TE_BASE/resources/lib.


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> Thanks for the help from Richard and Luis.
> i still have some more questions.
> I would like to run TeamEngine CTL suites from command line.
> Thus, should we extract the contents of 
> teamengine-core/target/teamengine-core-4.0-beta2-distribution.tar.gzip
> into a directory and set the corresponding path as $TE_HOME 
> env variable?
> That tar file was created after "maven install site" command.
> The automatically generated teamengine-4.0-beta2.pdf file 
> after "maven install site" command says the following:
> "If a test suite requires any supporting libraries that are 
> not included with the core
> distribution, these must be added to the 
> TE_BASE/resources/lib directory."
> That lib dir is not there by default. Should we copy the 
> contents of 
> teamengine-web/target/teamengine-common-libs.tar.gz into that lib dir?
> The other thing is that when we got the CTL suites via the 
> export-ctl.sh script, the
> directory name for WFS came out to be like wfs/1.1.0? (with 
> an extra char at the end) and i am not sure yet this will 
> cause any problems.
> Best regards
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