[CITE-Forum] Testing Locally

BARIS KAZAR baris.kazar at oracle.com
Mon Apr 22 17:38:29 EDT 2013

Thanks for the help from Richard and Luis.
i still have some more questions.

I would like to run TeamEngine CTL suites from command line.
Thus, should we extract the contents of teamengine-core/target/teamengine-core-4.0-beta2-distribution.tar.gzip
into a directory and set the corresponding path as $TE_HOME env variable?
That tar file was created after "maven install site" command.

The automatically generated teamengine-4.0-beta2.pdf file after "maven install site" command says the following:
"If a test suite requires any supporting libraries that are not included with the core
distribution, these must be added to the TE_BASE/resources/lib directory."
That lib dir is not there by default. Should we copy the contents of teamengine-web/target/teamengine-common-libs.tar.gz into that lib dir?

The other thing is that when we got the CTL suites via the export-ctl.sh script, the
directory name for WFS came out to be like wfs/1.1.0? (with an extra char at the end) and i am not sure yet this will cause any problems.

Best regards

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