[CITE-Forum] Error attempting to run SOS conformance tests

Kevin Adler kadler at us.ibm.com
Mon Oct 1 11:05:58 EDT 2012

I get the same result when using the default test url:

kadler at kadler:~/Documents/BocaJr/scripts/sos/1.0.0/tags/r4> test.sh
No working directory supplied.  Using /tmp/te_work
Testing suite sos:suite...
   Testing sos:Main (s0001)...
      Assertion: The IUT satisfies all applicable assertions.
      sos.service.url http://sdftest.ndbc.noaa.gov/sos/server.php
      which tests: selected
      run ows-main: false
      run sos-general-main: true
      run sos-gc-kvp-rph: false
      run sos-gc-kvp-rsph: false
      run sos-gc-kvp-rrph: false
      run sos-gc-ommo: false
      run sos-gc-omoo: false
      run sos-gc-rcvt: false
      run sos-gc-rcvp: false
      run sos-gc-rcvop: false
      run sos-gc-rcvrf: false
      run sos-gc-rcvrm: false
      run sos-gc-rcvrm2: false
      run sos-ds-rimt: false
      run sos-ds-rip: false
      run sos-ds-rmrf: false
      run sos-ds-rmp false
      run sos-go-risn: false
      run sos-go-rio: false
      run sos-go-riet false
      run sos-go-rip: false
      run sos-go-rifoi: false
      run sos-go-riop: false
      run sos-go-rir false
      run sos-go-rirf: false
      run sos-go-rirm: false
      run sos-go-rirm2: false
      run sos-go-rmsd: false
      run sos-go-rmpd: false
      run sos-go-rmopd: false
      run sos-go-raetd: false
      run sos-go-rmetd: false
      run sos-go-rmfoid: false
      run sos-go-rmrd: false
      run sos-go-rmrfd: false
      run sos-core: false
      SOS service URL: http://sdftest.ndbc.noaa.gov/sos/server.php
      Testing sos:general-main (s0001/d567e561_1)...
         Assertion: All assertions for "general" conformance are satisfied.

         Running General SOS Tests...
         Testing sos:general-SOS.General-InvalidRequest.1
            Assertion: Sending a request that is non-conformant to a schema
associated with an SOS operation causes the server to return a valid error
report message with an exceptionCode value of MissingParameterValue.
            Issuing an invalid request to:
            The body of the request will be "test"
Oct 01, 2012 10:01:49 AM com.occamlab.te.TECore parse
SEVERE: Error invoking parser
java.lang.Exception: Can't find resource xsd/w3c/xml.xsd

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