[CITE-Forum] Beta tests double encodes characters in some WFS 1.1.0 parameters

Mats Olsson Mats.Olsson at carmenta.com
Fri Mar 23 06:38:27 EDT 2012

I noticed a few issues with the WFS 1.1.0 r8 tests on the beta site, and for some reason the issue tracker won't let me submitt bug reports, so I will post it here instead.

The GetFeature requests that uses a filter parameter in the WFS 1.1.0 already have spaces URL-encoded (but no other characters), but now the entire URl is encoded as well so spaces become double encoded.

Since they now always get encoded anyway, the filters in the test scripts should probably use actual spaces instead of %20 to avoid this.

WFS 1.1.0 r8 GetFeature-GET tc30.1, tc30.2, tc31.1, tc32.1 are affected by this.
The MIME types use in the outputFormat parameter in WFS 1.1.0 r8 beta tests DecribeFeatureType-output-format-gml-2.1.2, DecribeFeatureType-output-format-gml-3.1.1 and GetFeature-output-format-gml-2.1.2 are also double encoded. The tests encode these separately so they also get encoded twice (at least they did in the old test scripts, the beta site test script links in the session results are broken).

Its possible this affects more tests as the new extra URL-encoding seems to apply everywhere.

I also noted that the URL in the test log is not encoded while the one actually sent to the server is, which makes the actual problem a bit hard to spot.

Mats Olsson
Carmenta AB
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