[CITE-Forum] Possible conflict between wfs-1.1.0-Transaction-tc10.1.1 and wfs-1.1.0-Transaction-tc8.1.1 requests (answered)

Baris Kazar baris.kazar at oracle.com
Thu Mar 15 10:08:15 EDT 2012

Baris Kazar wrote:


> >    May i ask something quick?
> >  Could you please confirm whether there is a conflict
> >  between  wfs-1.1.0-Transaction-tc10.1.1 request which
> >  adds a new featureType instance with gml:id cite.gmlsf0-f13.
> >  But this was already added by wfs-1.1.0-Transaction-tc8.1.1
> >  and the gml:id did not change when 10.1.1 is executing.
> >  But 10.1.1 expects "Expected totalInserted = 1 ".
> >  I dont think tc9.1 test does anything to this specific featureType instance
> >  with gml:id cite.gmlsf0-f13.
> >
> >  Could you please clarify?
> >  Once i get confirmation from you about this possible conflict, i will submit a ticket at the
> >  CITE Issue Tracker web site.
looks like it, yes. You can work around that problem for the time being
by using GenerateNew as id generation policy by default (I think that's
why we didn't notice this before).

Best regards, Andreas

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