[CITE-Forum] wcs1-0-0:getcoverage_operations-getcoverage_request-domainsubset-pos t-xml-rectifiedgrid seems to be missing "Format" request parameter

Andreas Schmitz schmitz at lat-lon.de
Thu Mar 8 09:50:03 EST 2012

Yingqi Tang wrote:


> Thanks for the response, below is the supported formats in response of
> DescribeCoverage returned by my service.
> <supportedFormats nativeFormat="GeoTIFF">
>          <formats>GeoTIFF</formats>
>          <formats>NITF</formats>
>          <formats>HDF</formats>
>          <formats>JPEG</formats>
>          <formats>JPEG2000</formats>
>          <formats>PNG</formats>
>       </supportedFormats>

are you sure that the response is in the correct namespace etc.? From
what I can see in the test code, the first format is selected as value
of the <wcs:format> element in the request.

Before the actual GetCoverage-Request is being sent, a DescribeCoverage
GET-Request is issued against your service. Try to find out what the
response to that request is, and see what formats are listed.

Best regards, Andreas
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