[CITE-Forum] Wfs 1.1.0 test suite

Andreas Schmitz schmitz at lat-lon.de
Thu Mar 8 05:13:47 EST 2012

Jean Luc Daems wrote:


> I'm trying to use the wfs 1.1.0 r4 test suite and it is really no obvious for
> me.
> For example, I've found no documentation about "how to load test
> data".

well, you can download the test data in GML format from the testing


Since WFS is all about GML, no other formats are offered, but you're
free to load the test data into your WFS by any means you want.

> Can somebody send me docs "for beginners", pre-requisites, ... concerning this
> test suite.

The only prerequisite is that your service offers the test data and the
testing application schema.

Best regards, Andreas
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