[CITE-Forum] a couple of wcs 1.0 fixes

Justin Deoliveira jdeolive at opengeo.org
Mon Jun 11 22:30:45 EDT 2012

Hi all,

Just ran the latest version of the wcs 1.0 tests (r2) and the trunk and
found a couple of issues.

1. getcapabilities_operations-getcapabilities_request-post-xml-7

Makes a GetCapabilities request with an attribute named "section" on the
root element. But it seems to me from the schema [1] that this should
actually be an element, not an attribute.

2. getcoverage_operations-getcoverage_request-domainsubset-post-xml-rectifiedgrid

Looks up a format to make the DescribeCoverage request with with a relative
xpath, think it needs to be an absolute one.

Patch attached for the fixes.


[1] http://schemas.opengis.net/wcs/1.0.0/wcsCapabilities.xsd

Justin Deoliveira
OpenGeo - http://opengeo.org
Enterprise support for open source geospatial.
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