[CITE-Forum] [SPS 2.0] CITE scripts patches

宗岩 Rocky rocky at gis.tw
Sun Jun 3 20:59:00 EDT 2012

Hi Henning,

        Thanks for your help and it helps a lot.
        We will fix those bug on next version (tag version r2).

        About the further notes:
                OWS 1.1.0 06-121r3 Table 8 — Exception codes for GetCapabilities operation
        exceptionCode value             Meaning of code                                                                 “locator” value
        MissingParameterValue           Operation request does not include a parameter value    Name of missing parameter
        InvalidParameterValue           Operation request contains an invalid parameter value   Name of parameter with invalid value

        So in those test : sps:core-SPS.DescribeTasking-RequestNoXXXXX.1,
        I think that the server shall return an Exception response with exceptionCode "MissingParameterValue" rather than "InvalidParameterValue".

Best wishes for your vacation!

Tsung-Yen Lee (Rocky)
assistant software engineer
GIS Research Center, Feng-Chia University Taiwan

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I had a quick look at the SPS 2.0 test scripts and did some fixes (at least in my understanding). My fixes are based on tagged version r1.

Some further notes:
  - sps:core-SPS.DescribeTasking-RequestNoService.1
   => missing service attribute leads to an InvalidParameterException as the attribute is mandatory (script is testing MissingParameterValue)
  - sps:core-SPS.DescribeTasking-RequestNoVersion.1
   => same here
  - sps:core-SPS.DescribeTasking-RequestNoProcedure.1
   => same here

That's for now---I will be on vacation the next two weeks so there will be no updates on this from my side. Anyway, I hope this helps a bit.



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