[CITE-Forum] SPSv2.0 SNAPSHOT available

Henning Bredel henningbredel at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 24 11:52:25 EDT 2012


I deployed the current status of our SPS 2.0 development here:


As you may expect, this is not a final location of deployment but should 
be sufficient for first tests.

There is no persistency yet, so the available CITE SensorOffering has to 
inserted again after a Service restart.

Task simulation has the following underlaying logic:
   => a mobile sensor can be tasked to measure some phenomena at a given 
   => the sensor can be tasked twice, then it has to load batteries 
before it gets available again
   => SubmitTasks shall send SWECommon text encoded parameter strings
   => have a look at the tasking parameters (via describeTasking) to see 
how submit tasks shall be encoded
   => a DescribeResultAccess gives you information about how to 
(theoretically) retrieve the data results

Please test (whatever test you might think is a good one) and give me 
some feedback.



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