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Wed Aug 15 00:49:01 EDT 2012

Hey Rocky,

thank you for updating the scripts so quickly!

I will make a new run and provide a new deployment version today so that you can reproduce the tests I will have made then.

Thanks again


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Hi, Henning,

        Thanks for your feedback.
        I thought the null parameter or elements value is also an " InvalidParamterValue" exception.
        It seems you are right.
        I have correct those errors and other tests.
        Please check the newest scripts "https://svn.opengeospatial.org/ogc-projects/cite/scripts/sps/2.0/trunk/".


Tsung-Yen Lee (Rocky)
assistant software engineer
GIS Research Center, Feng-Chia University Taiwan

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宗岩 Rocky,

as promised, here my feedback regarding to my run against SPS r2:

1) core-SPS.GetCapabilities-PostRequestNullVersion
  => acceptVersion parameter is an element rather than an XML attribute
2) core-SPS.GetCapabilities-PostRequestInvalidVersion.1
  => same as 1)
3) core-SPS.DescribeSensor-RequestNoService.1
  => you are sending request whic is not valid at all, so responding an InvalidRequest exception fits better in my eyes
4) core-SPS.DescribeSensor-RequestInvalidService.1
  => wrong description
5) core-SPS.DescribeSensor-RequestNoVersion.1
  => same as 3)
6) core-SPS.DescribeSensor-RequestNoProcedure.1
  => same as 3)
7) core-SPS.DescribeSensor-RequestNoProcedureDescriptionFormat.1
  => same as 3)
8) core-SPS.DescribeSensor-RequestInvalidValidTime.1
  => same as 3)
9) core-SPS.DescribeTasking-RequestNoService.1
  => same as 3)
10) core-SPS.DescribeTasking-RequestNoVersion.1
  => same as 3)
11) core-SPS.DescribeTasking-RequestNoProcedure.1
  => same as 3)
12) core-SPS.Submit-RequestNoService.1
  => same as 3)
13) core-SPS.Submit-RequestNullService.1
  => same as 3)
14) core-SPS.Submit-RequestInvalidService.1
  => same as 3)

( ... I could proceed, but I stop for now ...)

As you see, most issues are related to either responding with a MissingParameterValue exception or respond with an InvalidRequest. In my understanding the MissingParameterValue exception means that a required paramter is present but has no value. So

  => *-RequestNoService --> InvalidRequest exception
  => *-RequestNullService --> MissingParameterValue exception
  => *-RequestInvalidService --> InvalidParamterValue exeception

The specifications say that for an invalid request, the locator value shall contain the validation errors so that the client does not have to find out by himself why the request is regarded invalid.

What do you think on this?



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