[CITE-Forum] Exception when calling function with ampersand in argument

Janis Blank blank at supportgis.de
Thu Oct 20 03:10:53 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I hope this is the right mailing list, or is there an active developer 
list for the TEAMEngine?
I have noticed a problem with TEAMEngine 2.0b when calling a function 
with arguments that contain ampersands (&). This led to a 
SaxonAPIException issued by the call to build(src) at "NodeInfo 
paramsNode = 
core.getEngine().getBuilder().build(src).getUnderlyingNode();" in class 
com.occamlab.te.saxon.TEXSLFunctionCall. The src object containing the 
problematic parameters is build like this: Source src = new 
StreamSource(new CharArrayReader(xml.toCharArray()));.
I could overcome this problem by simply adding the line xml = 
xml.replace("&", "&"); before the construction of src.
I seem to remember though, that I already saw tests that had no problems 
with ampersands in function arguments at all. Can anybody reproduce this 
problem? Or is it just me again...



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