[CITE-Forum] WFS 1.1.0 on Geoserver 2.1.0

manjusha ganjewar manjusha0110 at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 02:11:47 EDT 2011


   Can someone please help me with the below query. I have configured WFS 1.1.0 on Geoserver 2.1.0 (OS Linux) with PostGIS database, but I am getting the following error.

Testing wfs:wfs-main (s0007)...
   Assertion: WFS 1.1.0 Tests
   Testing wfs:readiness-tests (s0007/d1e35143_1)...
    Assess readiness of the IUT. Check the retrieved capabilities document for
    available service endpoints; determine if the service is available and
        is ready to undergo further testing.     
      Testing ctl:SchematronValidatingParser (s0007/d1e35143_1/d1e562_1)...
         Assertion: Validate an XML instance against a Schematron schema using the given phase.
         Total number of errors detected: 1
         Error 1: Line 187 - assertion failed:
           DefaultSRS value is not a valid URI (invalid scheme name or URN namespace identifier).
           The DefaultSRS is urn:x-ogc:def:crs:EPSG:4326.
      Test ctl:SchematronValidatingParser Failed
      FAILURE: The resulting wfs:FeatureCollection must include at least 4 sf:PrimitiveGeoFeature instances from the test data set.
   Test wfs:readiness-tests Failed
Test wfs:wfs-main Failed (Inherited failure)



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