[CITE-Forum] Fwd: Correction for WCS 1.0 compliance test?

Andreas Schmitz schmitz at lat-lon.de
Tue Jun 14 08:15:33 EDT 2011

Luis Bermudez wrote:


> Sorry I am just getting to your email. Can you please post this
> message to the  cite-forum at lists.opengeospatial.org mailing list. 

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> >> From: "Justin Armstrong" <jarmstrong at ittvis.com>
> >> Date: May 17, 2011 4:19:15 PM EDT
> >> To: <webmaster at opengeospatial.org>
> >> Subject: Correction for WCS 1.0 compliance test?
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> >> Hi,
> >>  
> >> I’ve been running the WCS 1.0.0 test suite on the TEAM engine and noticed that the test
> >>  
> >> wcs1-0-0:getcoverage_operations-getcoverage_request-grid_size-get-kvp-2 (d1e1640_1)
> >>  
> >> actually performs the test with a POST instead of a GET. I realize
> > that this is a small thing, but it seems that many of the tests in
> > the suite are paired using both GET and POST kvp’s. Seems like this
> > one is mislabeled or maybe it’s missing its GET counterpart.

I've just looked at the latest scripts and the test you mention seems to
indeed send a POST request. However, I think the test is just
mislabelled, the code looks like it was meant to send POST requests (it
even uses the correct POST endpoint and is only being run if POST is
actually supported). I'd like to rename the tests, but it's probably not
a good idea, because people might get confused if test names/ids change
over time. I suppose it's not causing you any trouble?

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