[CITE-Forum] CSW 2.0.2 testing

Andreas Schmitz schmitz at lat-lon.de
Tue Jan 25 03:32:15 EST 2011

Kralidis,Tom [Ontario] wrote:


> - the test data has some records with and without ows:BoundingBox.  When
> someone queries a CSW spatially, how are these tested?  Are they to be
> ignored?  Set as NULL in the underlying repository, etc.?  Actually,
> this question would apply to any elements which are in some records, but
> not others

if filters are validated against elements (PropertyNames) which are
absent should usually evaluate to false, so these records should not be
included. Beware, though, I'm not an expert in catalogues, there might
be some specialties defined in the spec(s) that I'm not aware of.

> - are there output examples of what the results should look like?  I am
> having issues with some spatial queries and would like to know what the
> correct response looks like

I'm not aware of a collection of responses. Usually the test assertion
gives you some hints, as well as the failure message. If that does not
help, I usually look into the CTL files to see what the author of the
test intended to do, but posting the appropriate snippet from the output
here on the list (or asking about specific tests) will probably also
give you the answers you need ;-)

The most interesting part will be the appropriate part of the log from
the browser window that pops up when you start the test (make sure
popup blockers are disabled for the TEAM engine page).

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