[CITE-Forum] How can we compute the total number of CITE WFS 1.1.0 tests

Andreas Schmitz schmitz at lat-lon.de
Wed Jan 19 14:14:08 EST 2011

Baris Kazar wrote:


>  How can we compute the total number of CITE WFS 1.1.0 tests?
> When a test passes, it also does some sub-tests.

this will not be easy. In addition to each test having subtests, there
is also the matter of some tests only being performed under certain
circumstances (eg. user switches before starting the tests, availability
of certain capabilities elements etc.). Also, the tests are still
undergoing some changes (eg. tests are removed) when people feel that
they don't adhere to the spec. But I think the online engine gives a
summary after the first run, does it not?

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