[CITE-Forum] wfs-1.1.0-Basic-GetFeature-tc16.1 test

Baris Kazar baris.kazar at oracle.com
Tue Jan 4 16:46:42 EST 2011

Wouldn't it be better to output InvalidParameterValue exception instead of
OperationNotSupported exception for wfs-1.1.0-Basic-GetFeature-tc16.1 test?

<test name="wfs:wfs-1.1.0-Basic-GetFeature-tc16.1">
<param name="wfs.GetFeature.post.url"/>
<assertion>All OGC web services must generate an exception report in response to an invalid request or whenever a condition arises that prevents request processing. A valid XML response entity must conform to the declaration of the ows:ExceptionReport element.  The values of common information items must be constrained as indicated in Tables 17-19. Additional service-specific exception codes may be defined as needed.</assertion>
<comment>GetFeature with a bogus version '11-02-2006', causing the InvalidParameterValue exception.  Pass if all of the following conditions are true: (1) the response is schema valid; (2) the root document is a ows:ExceptionReport document; (3)  the exception must have the 'OperationNotSupported' exception code; (4) the exception must have the @locator value of the unsupported operation ('GetFeature').</comment>
<link>OGC 05-008c1, 8.3, p.34</link>/
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