[CITE-Forum] number format in test getmap:each-crs

Martin Kofahl M.Kofahl at gmx.de
Fri Dec 16 07:55:57 EST 2011

I am new to this list and hope this is the right place for the following issue I noticed running some test cases from the OGC CITE Testing Program at the inspire test platform from sdi germany (http://testsuite.gdi-de.org/gdi/).

In the WMS 1.3.0 Capabilities a service announces the following bbox:

<BoundingBox CRS="EPSG:3043"
 minx="5.90046e+06" miny="972396" maxx="6.1291e+06" maxy="1.27579e+06" />

The OGC CITE Test performs a GetMap with the following parameters generating an exception "WMS server error. Invalid values for BBOX.":


Shouldn't the plus signs be encoded with %2B ?? Otherwise they are interpreted as a white space when decoding the url.

Kind regards,

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