[CITE-Forum] Fwd: namespace problem in CITE WFS 1.1.0

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Hi  Richard,

Thanks for your reply. 

Just confirm this with you to make sure I understand the spec. 
Does this mean that the WFS "publisher" could specify a namespace URL and a default prefix for the data source or schema, and the WMS "user" or "client" can change the prefix by the Namespace  parameter?


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Never assume a namespace prefix for a given namepace name (an absolute URI)--it is an arbitrary NCName as Luis pointed out, and it may change from one request to the next as specified in the appropriate namespace declaration.


As for GetFeature requests using the GET method, the namespace bindings are provided by the "namespace" query parameter (see WFS 1.1, Table 7).

The following requests are equivalent, and a conforming WFS must respond in an identical manner (some params omitted for brevity):





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> Hi Arthur,
> On Sep 10, 2010, at 8:52 AM, Arthur Liu wrote:
> > Thank you Luis. Your information is really helpful, and I
> will add some logic to check the prefix and make sure it's not started 
> with a number.
> > 
> > I still have one concern about the namespace URL and
> prefix.  Can user specify any URL as namespace and any
> text(NCName) as prefix?
> A schema namespace URL can be any URL as far as I know. Also you can 
> create any prefix (NCName valid) for any namespace URL. Even these 
> prefixes can change among instances. Just be sure that the XML 
> instances validate against the Schema.
> > and is that OK that we just to make sure the namespace URLs
> and prefixes are unique if they come from different data sources or 
> schemas?
> Yes.
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