[CITE-Forum] OGC WFS CITE test tc203.3

Luis Bermudez lbermudez at opengeospatial.org
Tue Oct 5 10:28:36 EDT 2010

Hi Stan,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will be looking at it. I am also sending to cite-forum at lists.opengeospatial.org, where we want to keep the discussion threads of CITE issues.


Luis Bermudez
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On Oct 4, 2010, at 8:55 AM, Tillman, Stanley P (Stan) wrote:

> Andreas,
> (Luis, I am including you on the emails now since it appears that I have run Raj away from CITE).
> OGC CITE test  tc101.3 uses empty <PropertyName/> tag in spatial filter. CITE test suite expects this to pass. We modified our software and provided a fix for this issue.
> However, OGC CITE test tc203.3 also uses empty <PropertyName/> tag in  spatial filter. CITE test suite expects this to be a failure, because PropertyName is empty.
> So the CITE tests 101.3 and 203.3 seem to be contradicting each other. So one of these two tests will fail no matter how we handle empty <PropertyName/> tag.
> Can you please let me know if I am interpreting these problems incorrectly?  It seems like when we discussed this initially for the test tc101.3, you told me there was a contradiction in the standard vs. the schemas (I may not have this correct since I am simply relying on my memory).  I have not filed an issue on the issue tracker at this time, but I can do that if it does appear to be a problem in the CITE Tests.
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