[CITE-Forum] Fwd: Re: wfs 1.1.0 TEAM engine issue and CR 07-164 was Re: problem with teamengine test system.

Igor Shultays igor at politerm.com.ru
Tue Nov 2 10:07:07 EDT 2010

I have any problem with test passing via TEAM Engine.
Can you help me?
Sorry for the trouble. I am new here.


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Тема: 	Re: wfs 1.1.0 TEAM engine issue and CR 07-164 was Re: problem 
with teamengine test system.
Дата: 	Mon, 1 Nov 2010 09:38:10 -0400
От: 	Luis Bermudez <lbermudez at opengeospatial.org>
Кому: 	Igor Shultays <igor at politerm.com.ru>

Dear Igor,

Please send this issue to the CITE forum, where you will certainly get a good fast response.

Here is the information of the forum:

Thanks !


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On Nov 1, 2010, at 3:59 AM, Igor Shultays wrote:

>  Hello Luis.
>  We really have some problems with TEAM Engine test passing (WFS 1.1.0).
>  <fail.png>  Test wfs:wfs-1.1.0-Basic-GetFeature-tc50.2 (View Details): Failed
>  <fail.png>  Test wfs:wfs-1.1.0-Basic-GetFeature-tc51.2 (View Details): Failed.
>  Both it relate with descending sorting.
>  Test engine replied same messaging for each one test.
>  There are it:
>  Message d1e24743_1:
>     FAILURE: Features are not sorted by sf:intProperty in descending order.
>  Result: Failed
>  But in the same time WFS Server have
>   response sorted by sf:intProperty field
>  just in descending order.
>  Also we have difficulties with:
>  <fail.png>  Test wfs:wfs-1.1.0-Basic-DescribeFeatureType-tc3.6 (View Details): Failed
>  and
>  <fail.png>  Test wfs:wfs-1.1.0-Basic-DescribeFeatureType-tc4.4 (View Details): Failed
>  These tests failed with follow mark each:
>   Response from parser p:XMLValidatingParser.OWS:
>     Messages from parser p:XMLValidatingParser.OWS:
>          Validation error:
>    cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'xsd:schema'.
>  1 validation error detected.
>  Message d1e4190_1:
>     FAILURE: Missing or invalid response entity.
>  Result: Failed
>  But WFS Server exactly replied by schema document attached to test data.
>  If it possible we'd like to get some help to understand root of problems or our mistakes.
>  Thank you.
>  28.10.2010 17:50, Luis Bermudez пишет:
>>  lso we have update our developers CITE wiki. It should be a good resource for you.

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