[CITE-Forum] WFS 1.1 compliancy test fixes

Jeroen Dries jeroen.dries at luciad.com
Tue Mar 9 09:34:57 EST 2010


while testing our WFS 1.1 server for compliancy using the test scripts from 
svn, I came across some bugs in the scripts. I've included a patch which fixes 
these issues on our side. Would it be possible to review the changes and if 
possible apply them to the online server?

Here is the list of affected tests and some explanation:

Basic getFeature 11.6 Use the bogus version (2005.05.03) as specified in the 
test comment instead of '2.0.0' which is not really a bogus version

Basic getFeature 41.3 The bounds of isBetween should be inclusive according to 
the filter spec.

Basic getFeature 42.4 Change the Literal off the PropertyIsLike operator to 
match the input data which appends a 'Z' to every date.

Basic getFeature 102.1 Removed the additional checks which said: If you have a 
str4Property, then it _has_ to be equal to abc3, otherwise ...) I think 
everything is covered in the first check.

Basic getFeature 402.1 Do not try to determine whether featureMember or 
featureMembers is being used, just use // (just like all other tests)

Basic getfeature 402.2 replaced numberoffeatures >= 4 with 3, as 3 is the 
number available in the provided data.

thanks in advance,
Jeroen Dries

Jeroen Dries - Software Engineer
T +32 16 23 95 91 | jeroen.dries at luciad.com 
LUCIAD - high performance visualization
Wetenschapspark Arenberg | Gaston Geenslaan 9
3001 Leuven | Belgium | www.luciad.com 
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