[CITE-Forum] Conflicting WFS1.1 compliancy tests

Jeroen Dries jeroen.dries at luciad.com
Fri Jan 29 07:46:18 EST 2010


The data for the WFS 1.1 compliancy test contains PrimitiveGeoFeatures which 
have a dateProperty element. The dates in the orginal data are of the form: 
Now there is one test which tests on equality:



And another when which uses 'IsLike':


         <ogc:PropertyIsLike escapeChar="\" singleChar="?" wildCard="*">

The equality test works perfectly fine with the original data, but what about 
the IsLike test? It works for me if I drop the 'Z' at the end, however I think 
the Literal should be something like  '20*-10-??Z'.

Does anyone know whether this is correct, or is there something in the spec 
which says that we should support this?

thanks in advance,

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