[CITE-Forum] WFS Compliance Test Suite Data Format

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I'm certain the transactions shouldn't be being tested on as part of the
WFS Basic test. I know there's an outstanding bug on similar lines with
the NSG Profile tests for WFS. Issue 396: WFS NSG Profile Transaction
test runs even when transactions are not being tested


Maybe this issue has drifted into the WFS 1.1.1 Basic tests, I pretty
certain it shouldn't be in either.



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Hi all,


In order to complete the WFS 1.1.0 test, it seems the WFS server must
support the optional transaction operation.  I would like to know if
there's any other common formats?

I notice that there's a "dataset-sf0_oracle.sql" in readme.txt, but I
can't not find that file in the zip. 

Can anyone help me? Your suggestions are very appreciated!





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