[CITE-Forum] WCS 1.1.1 GetCapabilities: validation issue

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Fri Oct 2 08:47:32 EDT 2009

Jinsongdi Yu wrote:
> Dear Norm,
> Thanks for the valuable issues. Recently, I am also investigating into 
> WCS coformance testing. I have read your report and check the test 
> suite according to your report,  and I also want to give some  
> comments and questiongs on the issues.
>     Issue8,
>     wcs:GetCapabilities_Response_OperationsMetadata_Contents_CoverageSummary_Identifier_XML
>     Does not seem to test the XML syntax.
>     Issue 9:
>     wcs:GetCapabilities_Response_OperationsMetadata_Contents_CoverageSummary_SupportedFormat_
>     XML
>     Does not seem to test the XML syntax.
>     Issue 12:
>     wcs:DescribeCoverage_Response_Identifier_XML
>     Does not seem to test the XML syntax.
> do they validate by schema?
>  E.g. in 
> wcs:GetCapabilities_Response_OperationsMetadata_Contents_CoverageSummary_Identifier_XML
> wcs:get-capabilities-accept-versions is called, and it use the 
> following parser to parse the schema.
>     <ctlp:XMLValidatingParser>
>      <ctlp:schemas>
>       <ctlp:schema 
> type="resource">xsd/ogc/wcs/1.1.1/wcsGetCapabilities.xsd</ctlp:schema>
>      </ctlp:schemas>
>     </ctlp:XMLValidatingParser>
>    </ctl:request>

Yes you are right on this one, I missed the call to 
>     Issue 5:
>     wcs:GetCapabilities_Response_OperationsMetadata_Post_Encoding
>     Should be skipped if the server does not support 'POST' request.
>  Yes, current CTL mix the madatory and optional test together, so do 
> we also need something, like core test and extension test. E.g. 
> Getcapabiltiy KVP test as core,  Getcapabiltiy post test as extension. 
Makes sense to me.
>     issue3
>     The 'AcceptVersions' is a list of preferred versions. There is no
>     concept of lower/higher version in the specification. In fact, the
>     server shall return an exception only if it does not support any
>     version in the
>     list.
> Yes, I can also not find the definition of lower/higher version.

Thank you for you review.  I put some comments inline.


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