[CITE-Forum] invalid wms 1.3.0 test

jeff fitzgerald jeffery.fitzgerald at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 14:48:43 EDT 2008

I recently downloaded the team engine and test suites to see if I would have
more luck running them myself rather than from the website. And the good
news is I did. However, I have come across at least one test that is invalid
(or maybe I'm still a little foggy from St Patricks Day). The test in
question is s0003/w267ab3b3c17c11_1/w147ab1b7b1b3c11_1/w147ac13b5c13b1_2

It looks like it expects to get a valid map image, but my server returned an
exception instead. It looks like the BBOX that it sends as part of the map
request is invalid because it has the same min/max coordinates:

<param name="BbOx">2.0E-4,7.0E-4,2.0E-4,7.0E-4</param>
If a request contains an invalid BBOX (e.g., one whose minimum X is greater
than or equal to the maximum X, or whose minimum Y is greater than or equal
to the maximum Y) the server shall throw a service exception.


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