[CITE-Forum] Java exceptions in wms 1.3.0 tests

jeff fitzgerald jeffery.fitzgerald at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 16:56:16 EST 2008

Hello all,

I recently tried to run the WMS 1.3.0 tests again, and apparently, the tests
and I have a different opinion of what constitutes a pass or a fail. Unlike
the the older legacy tests, the logs don't seem to have as much useful
information in them. Also, the errors that I run into all seem to be from
unhandled Java exceptions in the testing framework (see below). Am I missing

Error in call to extension function {public org.w3c.dom.Document
org.w3c.dom.Node) throws java.lang.Throwable}: Exception in extension
function java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2; SystemID:
Line#: 1129; Column#: -1
Result: Failed


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