[CITE-Forum] WCS 1.0.0 legacy tests engine

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Wed Feb 13 08:42:19 EST 2008

Morris, Charles, E. wrote:

>There may be a problem with the schema, but it does not affect the CITE
>tests.  The CITE testing software uses Xerces-j to validate the XML, and
>it doesn't seem to have a problem with the schema.
>The VendorSpecificCapabilities element is definition is:
><xs:element name="VendorSpecificCapabilities" minOccurs="0">
>  <xs:complexType>
>    <xs:sequence>
>      <xs:any /> 
>    </xs:sequence>
>  </xs:complexType>
>Since minOccurs="0" it doesn't have to be included at all.  If it is
>included, it must not contain any attributes and must contain exactly
>one enclosed element.

Thanks a lot.  You were right.  We had an error in our schema.


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