[CITE-Forum] Conflicts between wcs 1.0 and 1.1

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Tue Aug 12 16:38:20 EDT 2008

Raj Singh wrote:
> Normand, it seems that you're referring to the version of 
> "wcs1-0-0:basic_service_elements-version_numbering_and_negotiation-1" 
> where the test assertion is "When a GetCapabilities request is made 
> without a version number, then the response is the highest version 
> supported. For wcs1.0.0, it is 1.0.0." This is the old version of WCS 
> 1.0.0 tests that are currently available in the online test engine.
> I agree that this won't work for services that also support a higher 
> version number.
> That test has already been removed from the new WCS 1.0.0 test scripts 
> that use the new TEAM engine. Right now those test scripts have to be 
> downloaded from Subversion and run locally.

I'm referring to this test engine:



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