[CITE-Forum] WFS 1.0.0 test failures do not provide descriptive error messages

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Mon Dec 3 11:47:22 EST 2007

Andrea Aime wrote:

>Tom Nuydens ha scritto:
>>I've been trying on and off to get our WFS implementation through the 
>>conformance tests. For WFS 1.0.0, our server passes the basic tests at 
>>http://cite.opengeospatial.org/tsOGC/. With the newer TEAM engine tests, 
>>however, it fails all the DescribeFeatureType tests, apart from those 
>>that are expected to produce a service exception.
>>The test engine does not return any kind of error message whatsoever for 
>>the failed tests. It simply echoes the response that it got from our 
>>server and then says "Result: Failed". I've validated the output of our 
>>server both using XML Spy and an internal Java app based on JDOM.
>>Has anyone by any chance encountered similar problems? Without more 
>>detailed feedback from the test engine, I haven't a clue on how we can 
>>get our tests to succeed. I already reported this problem via the e-mail 
>>address listed on the site (compliance at opengeospatial.org) some time 
>>ago, but never got a reply.
>>Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.
>With GeoServer we are in the same boat, our DescribeFeatureType tests
>do fail and we get no good reason. I think we already reported this
>but got no answer (I'm not sure since a colleague of mine did the
>report and followed it).
I'm interested to know if there are any new developments on this issue.  
I'm actually verifying if MapServer is OGC WFS basic compliant.   They 
are some tests that didn't pass on the TEAM Engine that passed on the 
Legacy Engine conformance tests suite.  They are not any explanation 
about the failures.


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