[CITE-Forum] Test engine probleme with WMS 1.1.1 test: java error

Mark Buehler mbuehler at opengeospatial.org
Wed Aug 29 16:51:07 EDT 2007


I took a look at your session on the CITE server and it appears that  
variable storing your Capabilities URL was set with version=0.0.0.   
Not sure how that happened but when I created a new session and  
updated your capabilities URL with version=1.1.1 it seemed to work OK.

Let me know if you are still having issues.

Mark B.

On Aug 29, 2007, at 1:38 PM, Normand Savard wrote:

> When I execute the WMS 1.1.1 test on http://cite.opengeospatial.org/ 
> teamengine/viewSessions.jsp,
> I got a Java error (see below).  Do someone is aware of a problem  
> with the test engine?
> Norm
> -------------
> Java error:
> Test wms:basic_elements-param_rules-order_and_case-3 (s0001/ 
> w6ac25b3c31d125_1)
> Error in call to extension function {public static  
> java.net.URLConnection com.occamlab.te.TECore.build_request 
> (org.w3c.dom.Node) throws java.lang.Exception}: Exception in  
> extension function java.net.MalformedURLException: no protocol: ? 
> SeRvIcE=WMS&BoGuS=ignored&ReQuEsT=GetCapabilities&VeRsIoN=1.1.1;  
> SystemID: file:/local/srv/tomcat/webapps/teamengine/WEB-INF/scripts/ 
> wms-1.1.1/ctl/wms.txsl; Line#: 8979; Column#: -1
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