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To extend Windows desktop applications for OGC  interoperability I would 
recommend taking a look at CarbonTools, _www.carbontools.com_ 
(http://www.carbontools.com) . CarbonTools is a  open-geospatial .NET toolkit designed so that 
developers can easily extend  existing Windows applications or create new 
applications.  You can download  CarbonTools Lite at no cost at 
_www.thecarbonportal.net_ (http://www.thecarbonportal.net) . 
In addition, you should probably also look at  CarbonArc, 
_http://www.thecarbonproject.com/carbonarc.php_ (http://www.thecarbonproject.com/carbonarc.php) . 
  CarbonArc is an OGC interoperability extension for ESRI's ArcGIS that 
implments  WMS, WFS, GML and other OGC standards and makes it possible to access 
these  services from the ESRI desktop.
_www.thecarbonproject.com_ (http://www.thecarbonproject.com)  
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Hi  Vadivelan, 
This link may be  usefull for you  
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Hi  Vadivelan,

Sounds  interesting and challenging. I think there are a number of questions  
about the infrastructure you want to use:

- To you want  to extend ArcGIS to be OGC compliant? In which  way?
- What OGC  standards are you interested in? 
- Are you  using ArcGIS to maintain GIS data and implement your own web 
service to  publish and grant remote access to data  sources?

To get an  overview of OGC standards, take a look at their homepage 
(_http://www.opengeospatial.org_ (http://www.opengeospatial.org/) ). The  standards are 
good documented and may give you an idea of the kind of  services the OGC is 
focusing on.



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I am developing an Windows standalone application  with ArcGIS desktop.  I am 
interested in implementing OGC standards in  my application.  

If anyone have worked on the same, could you share  your suggestions?

And where i can get the OGC standard specification  document on this same ?

Thanks in  advance.


P.  Vadivelan

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