[CITE-Forum] Catalog 2 Spec - Where have all the Services and Layers Gone?

Eric Everman eeverman at usgs.gov
Tue Feb 22 12:26:07 EST 2005


I'm looking at the GetRecordsReponse portion Catalog Spec Version 2 
(OGC 04-021r2) and there are no XML elements related to Service and 
Layer.  All this information seems to be delegated to this abstract 
schema element:

<xsd:element ref="csw:AbstractRecord" minOccurs="0" 

I can't seem to find anything in the definition of the 
AbstractRecordType that would ensure that Service and Layer elements 
are returned or even a schema defining them.  Am I missing something?  
Under the old spec (OGC 01-068r3), Service and Layer were well defined 
so that I could automate piecing together a URL to request one of the 
layers.  How do I do that for an arbitrary catalog service under the 
2.0 spec?

Thanks in advance,

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