[AIP_Plenary] Fwd: Water SBA participation draft scenario and use cases

Matthew Austin matthew.austin at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 14 18:37:20 EDT 2012


I've uploaded a PDF version of the AIP-5 Water SBA draft scenario and
use cases document to the AIP-5 twiki for easy review.


Comment and feedback are appreciated.


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Please join the Water SBA e-mail list if you are interested and have
not already done so
to join send an e-mail to
aip_water-request at lists.opengeospatial.org

The co-chairs of the AIP-5 Water SBA WG have prepared a draft plan for
implementing Water SBA Scenarios and Use Cases.  This draft Google
document is available on the AIP -5 Water SBA twiki page for
participants to review and revise.  You need a gmail -email account to
modify.   Requesting access should be simple click operation


Here are action items for participants and contributors:

Water SBA Participants;   Review and provide specific details of what
is being contributed and how it aligns with the Water SBA.   Please
add a section to the document outlining your specific contribution
including use case development.  If components and services are being
contributed include the URLs.

Other SBA Participants: Review the document to determine potential
collaboration on scenarios and use cases

GCI Developers and Operators:  Are the proposed enhancements in the
document such as automated service/metadata registration feasible?

We will have a kickoff Water SBA meeting next Monday 19:30 GMT.   Will
this time work for those interested in participating? I will send
details for meeting soon.

Potential topics include:

Integrating participant contributions in use cases and scenarios for
the AIP-5 Water SBA Engineering report

Preparing for Water SBA AIP-5 presentation for OGC/WMO Hydro Domain
Working Group meeting

NASA Remote Sensing derived water masking and use of crowd sourcing to
annotate results for flood forecast models

AIP-5 Water SBA Chairs
Matt Austin NOAA
Stefan Fuest, Kisters
Jochen Schmidt,NIWA

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