[AIP_Plenary] EGU ESSI2.12 Call for Absracts

Mattia Santoro santoro at imaa.cnr.it
Mon Jan 9 03:56:09 EST 2012

Dear collegue,

also this year EGU ESSI Division is organizing a session dedicated to the Real Use of Standards and Technolgies (RUST) - ESSI2.12.

I write to invite you to submit an abstract to this session (I apologize for any cross-posting).

Authors are invited to submit their abstracts by the 17 of January 2012. Please, find more info on how to submit abstracts at


ESSI2.12 Session:
ESSI-RUST is a session where standards and technologies meet end users by demonstrating leading-edge and ready-to-use services and applications. Focus will be on (but not exclusively) OGC based services, data interchange encodings (GML, netCDF, HDF), CF-conventions and their use in applications and services. Future challenges in RUST will also be addressed.

The intended audience includes ESSI and all EGU divisions dealing with cross-domain information exchange that would benefit from use of standardized technologies. The session should act as catalyzer for:
- End users, becoming aware of existing technologies that are ready to use in their own domain.
- Developers implementing standards for services and applications that can benefit from demonstrated solutions.
- Standardization bodies, to consider refining standards based on real user experience.

Best regards
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