[AIP_Plenary] AIP-5 CFP FINAL Draft Posted - Next Telecon 21 Feb.

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The FINAL Draft of the AIP-5 Call for Participation and associated documents are now posted:

- AIP-5 Call for Participation (CFP)

- AIP Development Process

- GEOSS AIP Architecture

Send comments on these draft document to gpercivall at myogc.org by February 21
Thanks for the inputs received to date.

The documents will be discussed on the next telecon
DATE: 21 February 2012
TIME:  1500 UTC 
Check your local time
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Main topic of the telecon Feb 21 will be release of the CFP.



** Excerpt from AIP-5 CFP Summary, Section 3:  AIP-5 Research Objectives **

A non-exhaustive summary of research anticipated in AIP-5 includes:

·      Increase access to Information for Societal Benefits
o   Implement scenarios developed in AIP-5 for several SBAs: Disaster, Health, Water, Energy, Agriculture (§2.3)
o   Advance the role of “SBA Integrators” as liaisons between the SBAs and the information technology communities (§2.2)
o   Develop use cases that provide SBAs users key functionality for their work (§2.2)
o   Deploy information technology needed for SBAs, e.g. WaterML (§3.3), mobile client applications (§5.2), quality assurance and provenance (§3.9)

·      User Management and Authentication
o   Support GEOSS Data-CORE through deployment of services that enable user registration as allowed in GEOSS Data-CORE (§4.7)
o   Consider current GEO Data Provider approaches to User Management and Authentication, as defined in responses to this CFP.
o   Develop technical implementations for Licensing (§3.8) as defined and recommended by the GEO Data Sharing Working Group and supporting and Use Cases (§5.5)
o   Build on the results of AIP-3 User Management and Data Sharing.

·      Research in support of the GCI and GEO Task IN-03
o   Determine connections to GCI, if any, for User Management and authentication as described above.
o   Further development of EO Vocabulary, e.g., Multi-lingual (§3.10)
o   Further advance the use of Discovery and Access Brokers (§5.3)
o   Present Enabler Applications to GCI users that access data discovered through GCI and can exploit data to meet SBA user needs (§5.5/D.5).
o   Enable ranking of search results in GCI (§4.2).
o   In coordination with the SIF, increase the number of mature systems that register and interoperate with GCI

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