[AIP_Plenary] Next WebEx: October 11

Ingo Simonis ingo.simonis at igsi.eu
Fri Oct 7 02:36:40 EDT 2011

Next Telecon
DATE: 11 October 2011 
TIME:  1300 UTC
Check your local time
WebEx West logistics

Update from the ADC Telecon and GEO Plenary organizers on plenary scenario demo plans
Sprint to Plenary updates
update on registration of mime types and formats discussion; impacts on CSR and SIR (Doug)
Need to populate mime type field
enviroGRIDS "Bringing GEOSS services into practice" workshop (Greg Giuliani)
GEO-8  Plenary and associated events.
Plenary dates: 16-17 November 2011 
Meeting website
ADC Exhibit
Demo/presentation schedule to be developed (George & Doug)
Prerecorded demos online?
Handouts? (Tutorials on USB rather than CDs?)
Engineering Reports?
Side Event for AIP-4 Demonstrations 
Need to begin planning for the Side Event (exact time and duration still not confirmed by organizers)
Overview of AIP
Activity # 1: highlights of tutorials? quick presentation on the services stood up during AIP-4?
Activity # 2: clients demos (especially if we can reuse elements of the main StP scenario(s), and we show the link to the GWP)
Invitation to the booth for more information
 List of AIP participants planning to attend 
EOX/Rasdaman (Dedicated table)
INCOSE (Asking for own exhibit)
Mines Paris Tech
Activity #1: Access to Priority EO Data Sources
AIP priority EO Data Sources list 
New data sources?
Accessing Priority Observations through GCI
Update on Thesaurus from Ontology Task  
Tutorials: status and copyright questions
Tutorial review process
TIE matrices: Clients/services TIE Matrix; 
New rows to be added to Matrix?
Any response from service providers contacted by Nadine to remove some of the angry faces?
Activity #2: Clients and mediated components 
Update on the integration of the EuroGEOSS Data Access broker in GCI (Mattia)
AIP-4 support of integration testing with clients
Need information from client providers on how to invoke their clients.? Any responses from other clients?
Any other business
AIP-5 Planning

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