[AIP_Plenary] Schedule for presentations at ADC/OGC booth

Douglas Nebert ddnebert at usgs.gov
Thu Nov 10 12:26:10 EST 2011

Please see the attached one-page document for the "GEOSS Infrastructure 
Enhancements" presentation schedule in the joint ADC/OGC/rasdaman booth 
during the upcoming Plenary Exhibition. There will be two pop-up banners 
with this schedule - one in the booth and another to be placed elsewhere 
- but if you are attending and are able to distribute this schedule, 
please print this document and share with those who would be interested 
in the developments of the GCI and AIP this year.

/*Although it would not be submitted as an official Plenary document, 
would it be possible for GEOSec to print and include the schedule in 
attendee materials?*/


Douglas D. Nebert
Senior Advisor for Geospatial Technology, System-of-Systems Architect
FGDC Secretariat   Tel/Fax:+1 503 454-6248   Cell:+1 703 459-5860

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