[AIP_Plenary] Showcasing GEOSS Data Access

Douglas Nebert ddnebert at usgs.gov
Fri Mar 18 10:53:21 EDT 2011

As an outcome of the ADC meeting and subsequent telephone calls, I was 
asked to elaborate on the brief action plan slide I captured in the ADC 
meeting with respect to the anticipated work to come between now and the 
Plenary with a focus on assured data access in support of critical EO 
priorities. Collective participation from GCI-CT, GCI Providers, AIP, 
SIF, DSTF, and ADC members will be required to execute this work. We 
need to identify a single coordination entity, clarify the tasking 
roles, and execute the threads of work to have a successful solution by 

I have prepared a three-page synopsis of a work plan that I interpreted 
from the actions mentioned in the ADC meeting. Please comment and 
elaborate on this so that we can have an agreed framework to move forward.


Douglas D. Nebert
Senior Advisor for Geospatial Technology, System-of-Systems Architect
FGDC Secretariat   T:703 648 4151    F:703 648-5755    C:703 459-5860

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