[AIP_Plenary] AIP-3 Semantics ER - Version 1.3 for final comments

Herve Caumont Herve.Caumont at erdas.com
Tue Jan 18 10:07:37 EST 2011

Hi Cristiano,

As we discussed today during the Plenary telecon, 
and thanks again for that interesting dicussion,
maybe it is possible to provide also in your ER some additional conclusions, that could be oriented towards the ADC and GCI-TF.

These would of course be presented as your AIP-3 "return of experience".

What I can suggest, if of any help, would be to provide your feedback to the GCI-TF on the following points/issues, encountered in the specific context of SKOS:

- what are the technical facets of integrating contributed SKOS files from several providers, into some repository (here a repository dedicated to a service/application), while keeping track of each of the SKOS sources. This would basically aim at a registry/repository concept, managing both DB triples - registry and source files - repository.

- What would be the foreseen similarities/differences when considering the GCI (clearinghouse application for example) in regard of the particular application context you had from GENESIS.

- how do you relate this concern (registry/repository) to the generally recognized approach from 'semantic web' of building a domain ontology by aggregating progressivelly small ontologies, then growing in a more comprehensive set of terms and relations of equivalences. Is it needed, usefull, out of scope, and so on...

- what would be, eventually, the importance of having kept track in a repository (even a virtual / distributed repository) the original SKOS bits. Scenario would be e.g. the process of assessing and deciding to remove one initially contributed bit that would be now better embeded in a newly contributed one.

My 2 cents

Hervé Caumont - OGC IP Team
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Dear all,

  I posted on the google site the final version of the ER on Vocabularies and Semantics:


Feel free to provide feedback in order to finalize the document by the end of the week. Thx in advance.



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