[AIP_Plenary] AIP-3 Water and Drought Working Group v1.9 (close to final) Engineering Report

Will Pozzi will.pozzi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 08:56:08 EST 2011

Dear Colleagues and Associates,

   I have posted a final version on the Engineering Report section as an
attachment (for swamping out the older version currently displayed) (with
the exception of checking for correctness of Figure numbers).  Also, a few
more days are needed for reviews from JRC, Australia, and Argentina.

   The report can be downloaded from:
NOTE: the new report is the attachment, not the draft in the water & Drought
column above (which is the older report).

   I realize this will probably not be easy reading (because of the
technical content).  I have reorganized the first section--the original
drought community of practice section--into a section that selects the
portal design principles that were incorporated into the Global Drought
Monitor.  I have also showm more closely how detailed water cycle data (and
different drought indices) are required for groundwater and streamflow,
which is the basis for developing a more detailed ontology which is able to
organize drought and water information, both for the European Community and
its extension to Africa (and South America).  This reogranization shows the
closer connection to informatics and semantics.

   Feel free to provide feedback in order to finalize the document by the
end of the week. Thx in advance.


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