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Next AIP Plenary Telecon
DATE:  11 January 2011
TIME:  1400 UTC

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Notes from previous telecons are also posted at this link.

** Draft Agenda 

• Best Practice Wiki (BPW) - posting AIP-3 Results
		• Post its summary and working group information on BPW
		• Summary of AIP publishing:
			• Google sites: used for discussions; changing on regular basis; not necessarily synoptic
			• OGC Network:  posting of agreed information for a phase, e.g, AIP-3
			• Best Practice Wiki (IEEE): summary of results for quick review by GEO and the broader communities
• AIP-3 Engineering Reports
		• Final Reports posted here
			• These ERs are final:  Energy, Climate/Arctic SDI, CC&Bio/E-Habitat, Disaster
			• Also need to link in here: AIP-3 progress for GEO VII
		• These reports need to be completed:
			• Water (Drought and Quality): Will Pozzi, Mattia Santoro - will post to Google sites in next few days
			• Air Quality: Stefan Falke - posted a second draft version on the Google Sites page.  Plan to have that complete this week.
			• Disaster: Arnaud Cauchy - Draft posted for (final) review
			• Use Cases: Josh Lieberman - Draft under development
			• Semantics: Cristiano Fugazza - gathering inputs, integrating comments this week.
			• Data Sharing: Steve Browdy - Draft in its last review and edit, and will be posted by the end of the week
			• Data Harmonization: Herve Caumont - currently collecting inputs and should be complete in a week
			• Summary ER - George and Nadine - Under development based on review of complete ERs
• AIP-4 Planning
		• Priorities
		• Schedule
		• Coordination Plan
• Any other business
		• Data Sharing Task Force meeting in 19-21 January in D.C.
		• Work Plan symposium 4-6 May in Geneva 

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