[AIP_Plenary] Next Telecon: Tuesday, December 13

Ingo Simonis ingo.simonis at igsi.eu
Mon Dec 12 02:54:15 EST 2011

Dear All

The next telecon takes place tomorrow, Tuesday 13. We would highly appreciate if you could join this telecon, as we would like to discuss in particular the finalization of the ER as well as the results and lessons learnt from AIP-4. 

Best regards, 

DATE: 13 December 2011 
TIME:  1400 UTC
Check your local time
WebEx West logistics
AIP-4 Wrap-up
Finalization of testing (Matrix)
Overview - final on ftp.opengis.org
EOX rasdaman - final on ftp.opengis.org
PYXIS - voice-over to be redone
EuroGEOSS - still needs voice-over
GIS.FCU - final on ftp.opengis.org
EnviroGRIDS - final on ftp.opengis.org
Energy - final on ftp.opengis.org
SIF Tutorials - final on ftp.opengis.org
GENESI-DEC -still needs voice-over
BRISEIDE - still needs voice-over
EO2HEAVEN - final on ftp.opengis.org
StP videos
Disaster - final
Atmospheric composition - on ftp.opengis.org - still needs voice-over
Biodiversity - final
Tutorials (on BPW)
Summary report: Lessons learnt and recommendations
UML modeling report (?)
Other reports? (EuroGEOSS Broker? semantic activity? etc?)
AIP-5 planning
Scenario based development based on requests
Energy, Health, Water, Disaster
Develop Information Schemas for GEOSS
Single sign-on
Draft schedule
CFP development - Dec to Feb 2012
Kickoff workshop - April or May 2012
Development - 4 months
Complete by 2012 GEO plenary (Brazil)
Components, ERs, Deployed Scenarios

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