[AIP_Plenary] No Data Sharing Telecon this week.

Steven F. Browdy steveb at omstech.com
Tue Nov 2 08:23:43 EDT 2010

Hi Data Sharing Working Group:

There will be no telecon today, November 2.  We will reconvene on November 9, which will be devoted to discussion and review of the engineering report to be developed.  I will post an initial report this week, which will include sections to be filled in and reviewed.  If you want to assist in preparing the engineering report, please join the telecon next week, or contact me if you can't join the telecon.  Thanks.


Steven F. Browdy, Ph.D.
OMS Tech, Inc.
steveb at omstech.com
407-905-5610 (Voice)
877-271-9149 (Fax)
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