[AIP_Plenary] Comments on GEOSS Registration Process

Jeff deLaBeaujardiere Jeff.deLaBeaujardiere at noaa.gov
Mon Jan 12 10:22:06 EST 2009

Doug Nebert wrote:
> I think that Jeff wants to register a Sensor Observation Service in the 
> CSR, and then would like to have the capabilities response be searchable 
> to answer the question, "What sensors are available that measure NO2 in 
> this geographic region and time footprint?" which would respond with the 
> SOS service description and URL to GetCapabilities.

Not exactly. You have described an end-user's Use Case. My Use Case was this:

- I know URL of SOS GetCapabilities instance and wish to register it with GEOSS.
- GEOSS registration form asks me to type in overall service lat/lon bounds.
  (The field is optional, but I would like not to leave it blank.)
- SOS GetCapabilities does not include overall space/time bounding info.
- I find myself forced to ludicrously resort to manually inspecting (with grep and sort)
  the Cap XML to determine lat/lon extrema.

Secondly, because the GEOSS Service Registry does not recognize OGC SOS as an
allowed Data Access Service even though the GEOSS Standards Registry includes
it, I have no confidence that GEOSS will even try harvesting my service to
determine the S/T bounds on its own.

Jeff DLB

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