[AIP_Plenary] problem in including GML in our XML schema for energy

lucien wald lucien.wald at ensmp.fr
Fri Jun 20 05:12:50 EDT 2008

Dear Colleagues

we are working on the scenario for energy. We are developing a XML
schema to handle objects specific to meteorology and energy. Of
course, we would like to build as much as possible available
standards such as ISO for time, ISO for Intellectual Property
Rights, GML for geographical aspects and SWE for time-aggregation.

We are meeting a problem with the use of GML and maybe you can help
us in solving this.
We are using the libraries java/jboss implementing JAXB. Using these
libraries allows to translate Web services specifications into Java
skeleton, offering an easy way to implement the services.
We recall that we are the "beta-testers" of a community of
researchers in energy ready to offer their knowledge under the form
of web services provided they have good explanations on how to do
that and they understand and believe it is feasible. We have already
five "demonstration" web services but they do not use GML.
When we include GML schema, (we need at least "PointType" and
"BoundingBox"), the translation of specifications into Java skeleton
fails. This happens for version 3.1.1 and 3.2.1.
Have you met such a problem?
How can we solve this problem?
Is there a modified version of the schemas or directives that would
permit a correct translation by JAXB?
Your help is welcome.
Best regards

Prof. Lucien Wald
Centre Energetique et Procedes
Mines ParisTech / Armines / CNRS
BP 207 - 06904 Sophia Antipolis cedex, France
Tel. +33 493957449  Mobile +33 686400623

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