[AIP_Plenary] GEOSS CFP 2008: Clarification about the interface between GEO Portal and GEO Members

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George and colleagues,


I would ask a clarification about the interaction between GEO Portal and
GEO Members, registered in the GEOSS Registry, before the publication of
the CFP 2008 Initial Draft.


During one of the past teleconference we said that in the future the GEO
Portal will rely, as it is today, on the Clearinghouse for searches, but
it will have the opportunity to have a very high level yellow pages
inquiring the GEOSS Registry. We also agree about the augmentation of
the functions in the CFP 2008. 


At this purpose, in the CFP 2008 rough draft there is the Figure 12 -
Distributed Search Sequence (pag. 38) where I can see the interface
between GEO Portal and GEOSS Registry and where there are also two
additional interfaces between GEO Portal and GEO Members called
ServiceRequest and ServiceResponse. The comment in the picture is
generic saying that: " ... the Portal will rely on Clearinghouse for
capabilities, feature, data, maps and other but it can discover services
associated with standards through the GEOSS Component ..."


During the latest teleconference 2 slides about the Energy Scenario have
been presented (they are not yet on the CFP but it will be soon, if I
well understood).

In one of these slides (I attached it to the email for convenience)
there are some interfaces between GEO Portal and an Energy GEOSS
Component. The GEO portal sends a request to the GEOSS component web
service and receives a message status that it shows to the user. Then
the GEOSS Component web service sends an email to the user in order to
download products. Moreover from the picture it seems that the GEOSS
Component is able also to inquiry the GEOSS Clearinghouse.


The question is:


Which data can the GEO Portal request to the GEO Members (that it is not
able to find through the GEOSS Clearinghouse) and which kind of services
are we thinking to provide to the user through the interface between GEO
portal and GEO Members?



Thanks in advance,


Best Regards,





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