[AIP_Plenary] Telecon June 3rd, 1300 UTC

George Percivall gpercivall at opengeospatial.org
Mon Jun 2 12:00:12 EDT 2008


DATE: Tuesday, 3 June 2008
TIME: 13:00:00 UTC
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Draft Agenda

     * ADC-7 Results
           o AR-07-02 Task presentation to ADC-7
                 + Thanks to Doug Nebert, Larry McGovern, Herve´Caumont
           o Discussions
                 + scope and overlap and interaction of the AIP, the  
IOC phase (year), and the proposed Task Force.
                 + user requirements and best practices registries in  
the GEOSS Common Infrastructure
                 + CFP to emphasize users ability to access services  
based upon registry search results.
                 + CFP to emphasize application schemas for EO products
                 + role of ebRIM for broader set of registered items:  
CRS, SLD, schemas
           o AIP Kickoff agreed to be on 25-26 Sept in Boulder  
Colorado, USA
                 + Co-located with ADC-8
                 + Logistics to be developed.
     * Update on GEOSS Common Infrastructure
           o GCI Open for Business - memo from GEO Secretariat
           o GCI Task Force for evaluation - what is the status?
     * Review of CFP Initial Draft
           o rough draft of CFP Annex B - Architecture
           o About half of the CFP inputs for sections have been  
                 + Thanks to those that have sent inputs.  Others,  
please send yours today if possible.
     * AIP Milestones and Schedule
           o CFP Rough Draft: May - Complete
           o CFP inputs due by end of May - 50%
           o CFP Final Draft: early June
           o CFP announcement by GEOSec: June
           o CFP Responses for Kickoff due: August
           o Kickoff workshop: 25-26 Sept in Boulder Colorado, USA
           o Status and Interim results to GEO Plenary: November
           o Final OP1 augmentation results: 2009
     * Any other business
           o Next Telecon, 17 June 1300 UTC

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