[AIP_Plenary] Comments on GEOSS Registration Process

Archie Warnock warnock at awcubed.com
Tue Dec 23 16:35:25 EST 2008

Jeff deLaBeaujardiere wrote:
> After SOS becomes added to the CSR picklist and the entry for the
> IOOS SOS NDBC is updated accordingly, will the SOS Capabilities XML
> get harvested and be searchable somewhere?

Not directly, at least as far as the FGDC Clearinghouse goes (and even
that's subject to change).  I don't harvest and store capabilities docs
for searching purposes.  I harvest the component and service records
from the the CSR after they get registered, then use the metadata in the
service records to harvest catalog records.  In doing that, I'll
retrieve and parse the capabilities doc using the URL listed in the
service record but I don't store them as separate searchable records.



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